A Növényi Diverzitás Központot 2010. november 1-én alapította a vidékfejlesztési miniszter az 1959-ben létesített Agrobotanikai Intézet jogutódjaként.

Centre for Plant Diversity

(former Institute for Agrobotany in Tápiószele, then CAO Research Centre for Agrobotany) implements national coordination tasks as a gene source conservation center from 1993. Most important obligations of the institute are the development of the national genebank collections for field crops and vegetables, agrobotanical characterisation and evaluation of their accessions, documentation, distribution of them as well as the medium and long term conservation in cooled storage rooms, or in plantations, and, in special cases, “in vitro” cultures..

CPD accomplishes a fully comprehensive genebank activity for field crops and vegetables which involves the following steps:

News, Events

The Centre for Plant Diversity Institute is constantly reporting news of current events and news.

On the Genbank's Stored Items.

On the Genbank's Stored Items

Arable and horticulture crops

Medicinal and ornamental plants